Who We Are

At Bartend Chicago, we consider ourselves a full service beverage caterers.  Our focus is the bar, and all related services for events.  Our private event bartenders and other event staff are professional, personable, and experienced.
certified bartenders
Certified Bartenders

Prompt, Friendly, and Professional.  The most important qualities of any bartender.


Our mixologists come from some of the best bars in the Chicagoland area.

Support Staff
Brand Ambassadors

Some of our best Brand Ambassadors are our Bartenders, cocktail savvy and aware of the trends.

Alcohol Consultation
Account Educators

Sometimes in order to establish a presence for a brand in an account, you need to train the account staff how to represent you.

Garnish and Mixer Packages
Event Coordinators

Our team of coordinators spend most of their time ensuring your team is where you need them, when you need them.

Ice Service
Festival Burly Crew

Set up a striking festivals takes a lot of extra manpower, we know the routine let us help.

Menu Consultants

We can help you with quantities, sourcing, ordering, and palette selection.

Portal Bars
Front of House

Greeters. ID Check. Ticket Scanners. Coat Check.

Large Event Facilities

We understand that not every large event facility is in need of an excellent bar team. Those that do, are normally facilities that only have a few events per month. This makes it very difficult to find reliable staff, since you cannot provide consistent work for them. We see this often with professional sports arenas and music venues. We are able to provide that high caliber experience consistently because of the ongoing opportunities we offer to our staff.

The 4 major reasons why you should be outsourcing
your bar operations to The Bartend Group

We are known to increase our clients’ bar sales by up to 33% within the first year of working together. Bottom line, we pay for ourselves.
Our professional, certified staff regularly work in high volume environments, allowing them to move through lines quickly, responsibly, with a smile on their face.
Our business model allows us to curate and maintain large pools of bar staff that are motivated to ensure your bars are optimized.
We take full responsibility in our actions, where we take accountability for inventory and overages. We ensure our slippage is limited, and like to keep our posting out process lean and accurate, so we can all go home early.
private parties

Common Venues We Service:

  • Convention Centers
  • Fairgrounds
  • Professional Sports Arenas
  • Amphitheaters/Concert Halls

Alcohol Brand Promotions

Whether you are a supplier or a distributor, we help you create branded experiences that make lasting impressions with the consumer. We understand that every brand has its own identity, and it needs to express itself in a sea of other brands doing the same thing.

Sometimes it is simply the product that sells itself, and you just need to execute a strong “Liquid to Lips” campaign. Other times you need to target the established spirits enthusiast, and educate them on why your product is better than their current brand of choice. Some brands require the traditional “shot girl”, while others want to identify more with the industry trends and send out brand ambassadors with experience over look

In all cases, one thing matters most in our mind, staying focused. This means that we only focus on alcohol and beverage service. This allows us to look for talented brand ambassadors where others aren’t looking. We believe the best representative of an alcohol brand, is a bartender. They are active in the industry, making them aware of the trends, cocktail savvy, and are responsible when it comes to pouring your product. One of the most valuable components of our our talent pool is that all of our brand ambassadors go back to their bars where they work when they aren’t out at our gigs. The indirect value of them speaking about your product behind their bars, without you paying for it almost exceeds what you do pay us for. These are recurring impressions, off the payroll, not to mention potential orders from your on-premise accounts.

Regardless of the campaign style, and brand identity, it is important for our company to learn about your brand and adopt it as our own. This allows us to communicate to all our Brand Ambassadors the message you want to share with your consumer. If your budget allows, we will even designate crews that are exclusive to your brand and commit to further education directly from your team.

private parties


In order to produce a successful festival, we believe it is all in the preparation. Once prepared, we run your bars with a “calm is contagious” style of management. We love to learn from your operational leadership on how you like to do things. This allows us to adopt your values, execute, and exceed your expectations.
private parties
We love festivals and tend to roll up our sleeves where ever you need help. While our passion lies with the bar operations, we can assist with any aspect of your large event. We aim to be on the same page as you from the start, so when it comes to gates open, our teams’ synergy is 100%. We keep an open line of communication at all times, to make sure no details slip through the cracks.
  • VIP Bars
  • High volume beverage tents
  • 1,000 - 60,000+ Attendees
  • Tasting Events
  • Sponsored beer gardens
  • Beverage Carts