What sets us apart

Since alcohol is our forte, we focus on recruiting active bartenders in the industry to both operate the bars for all of our large scale events, but also we empower them become natural brand ambassadors for our client's brands.


It is important to note that the true faces of our company are those of the staff we send out every day,  however there are simply too many to put here. With that said, here are the ones behind the scenes, paving the way and creating an amazing experience for all.
Griffin Johnson CEO
After building Bartend Chicago, a local beverage catering company, Griffin saw a natural transition into a national concept The Bartend Group. He stands on the foundation that any good staffing agency is consistent and transparent.
Brooke Johnson Director of Operations
Brooke comes from a background of operations and administrative work. After wearing many hats at The Bartend Group, she quickly understood the demands of the industry and has been applying her operational experience to our business ever since.
Chris Malik Director of Events
While it is common theme for our internal team to touch many different aspects of the company, Chris is true success story of climbing the ladder. Starting as a bartender, Chris has demostrated time and time again, that he has a deep knowledge of the industry and understands how to command an elite squad of hospitality staff.

The Bartend Group has created a name for itself, in providing the best bartenders for hire.  We recruit our event staff right out of the industry, making them energetic, trendy, and prompt.

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